Episode 8: Never Forget Senna

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  • Song Name: Episode 8: Never Forget Senna
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  • Year: 2011

Hello and Welcome Back to another (supposed) awesome show of The UMNP also known as The Unnamed Movie-Name Podcast.

We have James back to replace Alex and Iffy, with a much shorter episode but do not worry it is still jam-es-packed.

In this episode we review Asif Kapadia's Senna about the legendary F1 Driver, with some news, What we consumed and

Trailer Spotting.

P.S. My opinion of what type of music is in the Senna documentary is off-base but it is still amazing.

Intro/News: 0.00-13.00

What We Consumed: 13.00-38.50

Fight Club

Pawn Stars


Four Lions

Trailers: 38.50-54.05


The Sitter

The Artist

The Darkest Hour

Review for Senna: 54.45-1.20.00

Enjoy the podcast and if you have any complaints well TOUGH!! However, you can email us at theumnp@gmail.com, Twitter at us

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