Episode 3: Bay's Dangerous Methods

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  • Song Name: Episode 3: Bay's Dangerous Methods
  • Artist: Ali, Alex and Iffy
  • Album: The BFC: The BritFilmClub
  • Year: 2011

Hello and Welcome to Episode 3 of The UMNP also known as The Unnamed Movie-Name Podcast. I (Ali) am as always your host,
sadly though we have no James this week so to fill in for him we got Alex and Iffy. Thanks to their contribution we
came across very sophisticated, yet that did not stop the podcast from inciting mysoginistic and racial attitude toward
any charactor or scenario in films we watched. Anyway, we have no feature but have an in depth discussion on some of the
latest trailers, talk some Transformers and what we consumed

Trailer Showdown:0.00-35.00

Review TF3:35.00-1.14.00

What We Consumed:1.14.45-2.02.00

You can email us on thebritfilmcast@gmail.com, go to our website thebritfilmcast.blogspot.com or twitter us at Ali (@Broken_Engineer),
James (@Nostrajames), Alex (@alicnik) and Iffy sadly has no twitter but email will be fine.
Hope you enjoyed the episode, and if you have time review us on iTunes.