Episode 2: Bridesmaids Be Basterds

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  • Song Name: Episode 2: Bridesmaids Be Basterds
  • Artist: Ali and James
  • Album: The BFC: The BritFilmClub
  • Year: 2011

Hello, Welcome, Listen and Enjoy our second episode of the unnamed movie-name podcast. This week we sadly have no Alex cameo but I think the chemistry between James and I is starting to cook thanks to our new ground breaking feature called Love/Hate; we are passed bloody rare to medium rare IMO.

Anyway below is the structure of the podcast this week, if you have any questions you can email us at theumnp@gmail.com, go to our website theumnp.blogspot.com or twitter us @Broken_Engineer (Ali) or @Nostrajames (James).

Intro/Rambling: 0.00-7.40

News: 7.40-16.40

Love/Hate-Inglourious Basterds (Spoilers): 16.40-1.01.00

Bridesmaids Review (No Spoilers): 1.01.00-1.28.00

What We Consumed: 1.28.30-2.14.00

Game of Thrones (Spoilers): 1.36.30-1.49.00