Episode 19: End of The World/ End of Year

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  • Song Name: Episode 19: End of The World/ End of Year
  • Artist: Ali and James
  • Album: The BFC: The Brit FilmClub
  • Year: 2012

Hello everybody!! We are back with another episode of The BFC formerly known as The UMNP. We are back after a long hiatus due to life altering situations as we discussed in the last episode. Therefore in this epsiode we talk about how our year went obviously talking all sorts of media of 2012, the highs and lows of 2012 and what we are looking forward to in 2013 if the world doesnt end.


So a break down of what we discuss:

- Star Wars is coming back and bought by disney

- The shootings for the Dark knight causing Gangster Squad to be pushed back (aurora)

- The Hobbit is now a trilogy

- Tony scott commits suicide

- Avengers is a huge hit

- Will smith is back

Movie highlights of the year

- Dark Knight
- Avengers
- Prometheus
- Hunger games
- MIB3
- Bourne Legacy
- Skyfall
- Ted
- 21 Jump Street
- The Hobbit

TV Highlights

- Bobs Burgers
- Happy endings
- Homeland

What we look forward to in 2013

- The Lone Ranger
- Man of Steel
- Pacific Rim
- Iron Man 3
- Star Trek 2
- Django Unchained
- Oblvion
- After Earth