Episode 13: 13 Assassins Never Change

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The BFC - Episode 13 - 13 Assassins Never Change

Hello!! Welcome to an episode of The Brit FilmClub and no more of The UMNP. We change the name but not

our game. In this episode talk about tons of news and go back to a traditional review of 13 Assassins as

there is nothing decent to watch in the cinema.


Mel Gibson wants to be a Jew

Les Miserables

Amitabh Bachan

Will Smith and Son

Willis, Arnie big in Expendables 2

Back To the Future Nikes

Trailers-The Raid, The Big Year

What we Consumed:31.00-48.45


The Skin I live in

NFS: Hot Pursuit

Sons of Anarchy

No Country For Old Men

Review: 49.40-1.10.26

13 Assassins

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