Episode 10: Top 5 Films of 2011 So Far....

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Yes we made it to Episode 10!! So this episode has no review but fear not we choose our top films of the first

8 months of the film year (It is also the spiritual second part of Episode 1, which reviewed first part of the summer).

However, we have the other usual features in the podcast i.e. Trailer-Spotting and What we consumed!!


Anne Hathaway raps

Ridley to Remake Blade Runner

Trailer-Spotting: 10.17-29.00


Machine Gun Preacher


Texas Killing Fields

Woman in Black


Ghost Rider 2

What We Consumed:29.00-40.04

Die Hard

Koran By Heart

Lemony Snickets



Inside Man


Top 5 Films of 2011 So Far: 40.42-1.07.00

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